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Black Friday workers

29 de noviembre, 2019

Lucía Álvarez Álvarez


We have heard lots of stories about the origin of the term Black Friday refering to many different events: the Panic of 1869, when financiers Jay Gould and James Fisk caused a boom-and-bust of the gold market; the huge traffic jams in Philadelphia the day after Thanksgiving; or American workers urging for an extra-weekend day.

Refering to shopping and retail, Black Friday is an informal name for the Friday following Thanksgiving in the United States, though, during the last years, it has been adopted in most of the countries. In Spain, it marks the beginig of the Christmas shopping season, but above all it means discounts and it has generated a tremendous debate about consumption.

Nowadays, this phenomenon is affecting not only to world-wide markets, but also to the lives of every-day workers. The New York Times aproaches us to six stories in the following link:



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